Read for the hilarious “who was worse, Hans Christian Anderson or Charles Dickens” comments and for the soul chilling excerpt below:

"Or do you live in fear of being the kind of person who accepts an invitation that was not sincerely meant and overstaying your welcome without ever realizing you have made yourself ridiculous?"


The past couple of days have included:

  • Fourteen hours of semi-disastrous travel on Thursday, getting me to the conference six hours later than planned
  • Four hours of sleep before I got up, walked half an hour uphill, and presented the first paper of the day
  • An all-day conference on Friday, during which I had to be on, engaged, critical, charming, and self-promoting (but I’m a fucking professional and I killed it and got an awesome response to my paper, and tons of great questions and comments)
  • Lots and lots of relying on the kindness and wisdom of strangers, which, let’s be honest, doesn’t come naturally to me
  • Uneventful, but still long travel back home today, followed by errands which took way too long, and a long time trying to make it up to Imogen, who felt very betrayed by my multi-day absence

I am SO ready to not see any human beings for the next, oh, month or so. I don’t quite have that, but luckily for me, my roommate’s out of town until tomorrow and the only living creature I need to interact with is Imogen, who’s snuffling away quite happily at my feet.

Yay, congrats on the dog!!! She is GORGEOUS. I am getting serious about same. Within the year. I’ve started telling people (friends, family, etc.) so that I can commit and actually do it. Yay dogs *o/*

Thank you! I’m utterly smitten. You should certainly do so if you’re in a place where you can! I’ve been talking about getting an English bulldog for three years at least, and it came together really quickly once I started looking. Yay dogs indeed!